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E-Sleek – Radar (Prod. Danny Blaze)

Sometimes the excitement around a new music discovery is hearing a hit and knowing that millions of other people are going to connect with it. Other times, it’s more pure and about hearing something for the first time and thinking, “I love this, but what the hell is it?” In the case of Port Harcourt artist E-Sleek, it’s the latter.

Trying to describe the song radar is a lost cause—it’s vibrant, odd, and supremely confident in it’s total production. E-Sleek‘s unique vocals are laid over an addictive bass-driven beat, he effortlessly delivered charismatic verses and an earworm of a hook that digs inside your brain and never leaves (in a very good way). E-Sleek settles into a nice pocket as he does his stuff and delivers another sticky melody. He’s done it again. E-Sleek is no fluke. Keep your eyes on this guy. He’s on to something special.



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