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Kashmoney The Force x Thaa Realest are Nigerian Legends Repping Proper On “Judas”

Kashmoney The Force x Thaa Realest - Judas

Empire Dreamin Record’s CEO Kashmoney The Force, is a Nigerian based rapper who has had one of the steadiest come ups these past few years. After aligning himself with Thaa Realest , the pair have collaborated relentlessly and released their Judas album which is gaining even more exposure to the masses as we speak.

Despite owning a label Empire Dreamin Records, Kashmoney The Force, an unapologetic street rapper, is a hard sell in an industry in which corporate sponsorships and branding are vital to sustained profits. Kashmoney The Force has only flirted with mainstream radio success, most notably with “Follow,” featuring Sikiboi, a minor regional hit which was a street phenomenon inPort Harcourt and neighboring cities.

Kashmoney The Force is one of rap’s most critically acclaimed acts, with an assembly line of mixtapes, songs, and street albums that are regularly heralded as some of hip-hop’s most compelling. While the widespread success of Kashmoney The Force’s music has been slow to gain traction commercially, Judas seems destined for greater things in hip-hop than being a mere critical body of work. The beats have soul to them, and their bars give listening ears chills. The game has been missing conscious gangsta rappers. Our prayers have been answered. Once they learn to make crossover hits, it’s going to be quiet for a lot of cats out here.

thaa realestIn case you were wondering if Kashmoney The Force & Thaa Realest have grown complacent with their careers in a state of stasis, their excellent new tape, Judas, reaffirms these Port Harcourt pair’s place amongst hip-hop’s vast untapped talents.

It’s impossible to know what Kashmoney The Force & Thaa Realest would have made to Judas prior to its release, but the album we have feels like it would have been the natural end of a chapter, and a fitting summation of the first decade in a wildly inventive career. After making hundreds of songs battling their own thoughts and demons, it feels like they have finally ascended.

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